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41% raised

Exxpand Energy

United States

Exxpand Energy enables accredited investors to maximise the current market conditions to profit from opportunities in direct participation in Texas Oil production...

A$ 6,000,000


A$ 100,000


33% raised



have spent 6 years establishing a strong network with genuine owners of a gold mine and signed brokerage supply and sale deals with with owners and bank

A$ 150,000


A$ 50,000


45% raised

Situational Insurance

Hong Kong

We are disrupting insurance as it is known today by providing insurance when you need it and for as long as you need it

A$ 10,000,000


A$ 10,000


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Angel investment is a great solution for entrepreneurs looking for Australian business investors and to find investment because alongside seed capital, they can also receive expertise and contacts from their business angels.

A$10,000 - A$100,000

Melbourne, Australia

I am an experienced business owner, and recently sold my share of my most recent construction company, so am now looking to invest in exciting new companies and...

Areas of Expertise

My main areas of expertise are

A$1 - A$100,000

Sydney, Australia

I am the Founding Director of Blue Badge Insurance Australia Pty Ltd., which provides IP to develop Insurance business in Australia and the USA and also the F...

Areas of Expertise

My areas of expertise are insu

A$40,000 - A$200,000

Caulfield North, Australia

A Chemical Engineer by education, I have been working in senior roles in operations, strategy / management consulting for large multi-nationals for the last 17 ...

Areas of Expertise

My skills cover logistics, gen

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