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Hamilton, Australia

About Me

I'm a common honest Aussie bloke. I note that the honest isn't so common in this world. Integrity is harder still to come by but again maybe its because of the tenants I've mixed with on these cheap old rental properties and the type of tenant they attract. Particularly in some cheap rental properties I've been buying, property managing last eight years, the tenants do runners, damage property and they never pay. I recon one out of twenty has done the right thing. I'm done with them and now looking to invest in a strategy that does not include tenants.

I want to be able to get in and out of a deal in the least time, risk etc. I looked into land subdivision and like the idea and whats involved. Splitter Blocks of one title into two seperate titles in Brisbane is the focus in 2017 and beyond. Bit hard to find no doubt but achievable. The project involves finding a common old house on a 809 square meter block and demolishing the old house and selling the two lots of land for a profit within a small time frame of around 2-5 months. No tenants ever again and in and out of a deal reasonably quickly. Provided the deal is bought at the right price, you make your money when you buy and if you get a few variables right it can be done. Land reasonably flat and or gently slopping to the road curb for water run off and the services not to costly to connect. You can put together a deal and I like the feasibility process and finding the deal.

For now I simply want to just focus on that, nice and simple. Not worrying about the building and design and management process of all that as it's a lot of extra worry for not so much better reward. I rather sleep at night and cruise along comfortably on a simple strategy and be good at it. You can make the same return doing a number of these over 12 months instead of one deal where you build say units or a couple of houses. No greed just take a reasonable profit and leave some profit in there for the next person.

I have not actually done one of these yet so it is just theory. That's why I'm on the web site and this is about me and what I'm doing looking for JV Partners.

My Areas of Expertise

Done R.E.S.U.L.T.S. 12 month Real Estate Mentoring Program. Doing DIY Subdivision Course. This is a brilliant course and offers guidance and mentoring from a group of highly skilled investors investing in the Brisbane property market. Real Deals and real people doing splitter blocks and sub division all day long and lots of contacts. 15 years in the industry as a private person watching and learning about the market. 9 years actually in the market buying old rental properties and creating value via renovation. Joining and participating in online forums. Moderator of propertyinvesting.com. Member of sommersoft.com now called property chat. Moderator of 888abundance.com online forum now closed down. Ran my own investor web site at www.forpropertyinvestors.com for 10 years. Now days I don't do as much there... I'm rebuilding the site. Have bought three investment properties. Property Managed each one and renovated each one. Done two owner builder projects. Been through two Development Applications with Council. Built a unit myself (twiss) Managed trades people. Done VCAT applications plenty of times. Expert as feasibility and due diligence of the numbers with spreadsheets and all the info you need to submit for bank applications for borrowing funds. Budgeting is one of my best areas of expertise as I got started from a low income so I learned to save and make every dollar add as much value as it can. I now have 1/4 million at least in equity and paid down all three loans and 100% paid down my portfolio. Starting from an annual income of $14,141. I won a fourth placement in an Australian Investor of The Year Awards for Your Investment Property Magazine 2014. I can send you the article.


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A$50,000 To A$300,000


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