The gaming industry is seeing huge investment in recent years, and there are a multitude of reasons as to why. Investors are beginning to take notice of the fact that online gaming has become more popular with gamblers due to advancements in technology, which in turn will see them making a return in their investment within the industry. Furthermore, changes in legislation are making online gaming more accessible to users, which can only mean good news for investors, who will see a greater profit from their investments. But what does this mean for the industry as a whole?

Big boy battles

Investment towards online gambling is seeing a renewed interest thanks to recent changes in legislation. In 2006, the United States passed its Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, and today, The American Gambling Association is trying to expand the outreach of online gambling to Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. Clearly, today’s attitudes towards online gambling are becoming more lenient, which is sure to attract investment from foreign clients in the UK, Middle East and Australia.

Spoilt for choice

Another reason for the potential interest from investors is the sheer amount of choice available to today’s online gamers. Take Europalace, for example – whereas ten years ago you could hardly play more than a game of poker, today’s websites offer colourful variants and new games inspired by popular culture, such as Tomb Raider. These cultural tie ins are an almost limitless money spinner for investors, who can attract more revenue through sponsorship from other games manufacturers.

The advent of smart phones and tablets is also making the gaming industry become more popular. British Airways have even considered installing online gambling apps into their LCD screens to ease boredom on flights, proving that the industry is attracting investment from business sectors the world over.

Credit crunch proof

One of perhaps the best reasons that online gambling is attracting investors is its apparent immunity to the economic crisis. In 2009, reports by Ernst and Young stated that online gambling had generated $25 billion in global revenue – that’s quite a few chips. What’s more, selling gambling on other websites is a huge attraction for investors – by placing advertisements for online games on run of the mill websites, promotional revenue can be through the roof.

Ultimately, we have advances in technology to thank for the improved investments in online gambling, something that is perhaps cynically tinged with the desperation of the economic downturn. From every failure comes a success however, and while the economy is still recovering, it may just be online gambling’s time to shine.

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