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Angel Investment & Venture Capital News

Enterprise Ireland appoints Start-up Ambassador for Australia

Enterprise Ireland has announced the appointment of Eamon Eastwood, an Australia-based entrepreneur as its Start-up Ambassador for Australia, as part of its strategy to encourage overseas entrepreneurs to locate their start-up businesses in Ireland.

Mr Eastwood is the founder and CEO of Taste Ireland, importing and distributing Ireland’s leading food brands across Australia and New Zealand. Taste Ireland has sizeable suppl...

Sydney Could Emerge As An Equal to San Francisco's Tech Scene If Only . . .

Australia’s startup scene may finally be starting to get bubbly, years after China and India already their own tech bubbles and are on to a new generation of more innovative startups with global appeal. What Australia needs to boost its venture capital and entrepreneurial adrenalin is more heroes from the startup world. China has Jack Ma, Robin Li and Pony Ma, India has Narayan Murthy of Infosys , Azim Premji of Wipro, Deep Kalra o...

Australian Gold Coast looks to boost innovation credentials with angel conference

Representatives from the world’s largest angel investor groups will attend a conference on the Gold Coast next month, as the Queensland city attempts to reposition itself as an innovation hub. From February 20-22, the Gold Coast will play host to the sixth annual Australian National Angel Conference, to be held at the Royal Pines Resort Convention Centre. The conference, an initiative of the Australian Association of Angel Inv...

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Business Plans & Pitching

5 Things to Keep Out of Your Business Plan

If you're hoping to attract investors, short and sweet is the key to success. Here's what to leave out of your business plan if you want to be taken seriously and raise capital fast:

1. Jargon. If you've been wrapped up in your business idea for months, it's easy to go overboard on geeky details. Investors want to know what you're building, but they don't need to know the nitty-gritty details of every technological tool you plan...

7 Cringe-Worthy Business Planning Mistakes

Each spring, I review 50 or so business plans for various business planning contests. These plans are developed for startup companies that are seeking thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars in angel investment or venture capital.

By the time I see them, they’ve been weeded out from the less worthy submissions and selected as finalists or semi-finalists.

And, each year, I'm reminded that even the "best" business pla...

3 keys to a business plan in regards to funding

When most entrepreneurs need funding to start or grow their business, they quickly learn one key fact: they need a business plan. Note: This chart is based on no real research whatsoever. Which means, there are no guarantees to get financing, even if you have an awesome business plan. Like you need a resume to apply for a job, and a completed application to gain admittance to a university, business plans are required to apply for bu...

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Fund Raising

12 ways to make your web start-up investable

2012 is shaping up to be the best year yet for Australian tech start-ups. Sydney venture BigCommerce recently secured $15 million in funding, in the wake of 99designs’ $35 million backing from Accel Partners. With the likes of Freelancer.com and games developer The Broth making huge strides in the US, and up-and-comers like BugHerd and TripMedi set to follow suit, Australia can no longer be dismissed as a technological backwat...

Start-up fund Seedcamp ponders Australian expansion

Seedcamp, the leading European fund for tech start-ups, has flagged its intention to expand to Australia, after raising a further two million euros, or $2.6 million, for its investment war chest. The latest capital raising effort, from investors including ACT Venture Capital, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, GIMV, Reed Elsevier Ventures, Samos and HENQ, follows a three million euro funding round last year. Seedcamp has als...

12 Most Critical Questions for Raising Capital for Your Startup

Right now – RIGHT now – is the BEST TIME to start a business, and there’s never been a better time to start raising capital. I firmly believe this. Why? Because tough economic times cause tremendous dislocation in almost every market. Established companies are playing defense, trying to figure out where the economy is heading, laying off people, cutting costs, and trying to protect their turf. Fear is in the air. Fear spells o...

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Marketing & Social Media

Effective Social Media Strategies

For individuals who are using social media to market their organization, business, cause, etc., pervading every corner of the Internet with generic social media profiles is not the most effective strategy. Determine which social media platforms are appropriate for your audience or constituents. Create content that is compelling, and present information in creative ways.

Here are a few examples of how companies and people are ...

How to market your business online

With the internet now a common tool to research products and services, marketing your business online has become a necessary part of your promotional activities.

In fact, founder of skincare label Little Innoscents Antonette Golikidis believes all mainstream brands are now involved in social and new media.

Her label, which provides chemical-free, certified organic products to use on children, is very active online.


3 Unexpected Ways to Grow Your Startup Customer Base

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, you’ve probably thought a lot about your product. But have you thought about how to get your product out to people? Getting the word out about your company and attracting customers is just as important having an awesome product. Growing our customer base is something we work at every day with our own startup, iDoneThis. We help startups and businesses manage team progress with daily status r...

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Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

3 Ways to Find Your Perfect Board of Advisors

Most entrepreneurs use the “Me, Myself and I” approach to corporate governance: I am the sole shareholder. I vote myself to be the sole board member and as a board member, I hire myself to be the CEO. This certainly provides the ultimate in control, but entrepreneurs taking this approach are missing out on the benefits that Fortune 500 counterparts with their own boards are using to their advantage. A board of directors serves...

16 Australian Entrepreneurs Share Their Most Valuable Life Lessons

The career path of an entrepreneur can be exceptionally rewarding but also incredibly difficult, bearing full responsibility for the consequences of success– and failure.

Thankfully, the road is well travelled and many have developed the knowledge and wisdom to find the success sweet spot.

Business Insider asked some of Australia’s successful entrepreneurs about most valuable life lessons they’ve learnt alo...

12 Successful Entrepreneurs Share The Best Advice They Ever Got

Being a successful entrepreneur frequently involves a series of missteps and mistakes before finally nailing the right idea or business.

The difference, for many, between giving up and persisting through the toughest times can be getting advice from people who have done it before — and being smart enough to listen.

From investor Mark Cuban’s dad telling him that there are no shortcuts to Lululemon founder Chi...

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